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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cadre Economic Cities? And why recruitment within the Economic Cities happens on Cadre sponsorship?

Cadre Economic cities’ is the Human Capital arm to develop and implement sustainable Human Capital Strategies for the Economic Cities as well as the rest of Saudi Arabia.

2. What are the documents required to complete the procedures of recruitment? And to whom should submit?

Cadre Service agreement (2 copies), ECA license (Valid) and Commercial registration (Valid). Those documents should be submitted to Cadre’s representative.

3. Who should sign the “General Agreement “from the investor’s side?

The agreement should be signed by the General Manager.

4. Is the General Manger of the project should be on Cadre sponsorship, as well as the all employees?

Yes, All employees/laborers should be on Cadre sponsorship according to Cadre Service Agreement.

5. What is the number of Visas, Jobs and nationalities are allowed for the investors?

Cadre visas are Open Jobs, Type, Gender and No Limitation in the visas number.

6. How many people authorized by the investor to deal with Cadre Secondment Team in visa requests and beyond?

It will be the Investor choice to register any users to at Cadre visa portal.

7. How can investors have access to Cadre services?

Investors can have access to Cadre services through Cadre Visa Portal.

8. How long does it take to issue a visa?

It takes from 60 Minutes minimum up to 24 hours maximum to issue a visa.

9. What are Cadre visa prices list? Is there a difference between Professional &Non-Professional visa category?

Cadre prices are listed in our portal. There is a difference between professional employment visa and non-professional.

10. What additional services that Cadre provides? Are they optional?

Cadre offers after arrival services as optional choice upon request by investors.

11. What are the difference between Establishment of a head quarter within the ECs, and the establishment of branch of the company?

According to article (6) of the Agreement signed with MOL stated that (all Employees/Laborers hiring by Cadre should work only within the Economic Cities, in case the Investor establish the Head quarter of the project within One of the Economic Cities and make branches around the Kingdom, then Cadre Employees/Laborers seconded to the Investor will have right to work at this branches outside the Economic Cities). Therefore, the Investor who have establish the Project Head Quarter within the Economic Cities will be entitle to Cadre Services for both Head Quarter and Branches around the Kingdom, Otherwise Cadre will serve only the Investor for branch that located within the Economic Cities.

12. Is there a contract between the investor and employee and Cadre Economic Cities Company? And how this would be done?

Refer to the applied procedure at the Saudi Embassies around the world that requires an Employment Contract between the sponsor (Cadre) and the Employees/Labourers before issue work visa, therefore Cadre sign contract with the Employees/Laborers mention on it only personal information – Position – Joining date to the work – Monthly Salary, and refers to other Benefits, allowances, and incentives to the contract sign between the Investor and Employees/Laborers as it mentioned on the sub article (6-8) of the Secondment Services Agreement (SSA) stated that (the Investor will be oblige to sign an employment contract with the Employee/Labourer mentioning on it the Monthly Salary – Annual Vacation - Air Ticket – rights and obligations of each party) as required by article (31) of the Saudi Labour Law.

13. If the head office of the company is located in the Economic City and a branch of the company is opened in the base economy, will investor be entitled to benefit from Cadre services in the branch out of the EC?

Yes, sure the Investor in this case will be entitled to Cadre services for the branch located in the base economy as we clearly detailed above.

14. Is there a sponsorship transfer service from the base economy to the EC’s for local selected employee?

Yes, Cadre provides sponsorship transfer services from base economy to EC’s and from EC’s to base economy in exceptional cases.

15. Is there any exception for the visa prices and other services provided by Cadre, in the case of a large number of visas or any other case?

Cadre prices are fixed and not subject to any changes in any case.

16. Is there a percentage of Saudization imposed on investors by Cadre or the Ministry of Labor?

Yes, Saudization percentage should follow the MoL regulation, Investor should provide Cadre with Saudization strategic plan.

17. What are the prohibited jobs for Saudis, as the investor cannot request these jobs in the visa request?

There are 16 jobs titles banned for non-Saudis by Shura Council. Details in Cadre Portal.

18. Are the Sub-contractors who are working in projects, within the economic cities, have the right to use the services of Cadre Economic Cities? What is the mechanism to apply for this service?

Yes, Sub – contractors are able to request visas from Cadre. However, he must submit a recommendation letter from the investor, who is contracting with.

19. Upon the arrival of the employees, who would be responsible for medical examination, and insurance?

Investor is responsible for that, and it is optional service to be given to Cadre to finalize employee’s Iqama permits.

20. Who is responsible for issuing identification letters for banks …ext?

Cadre will be responsible to provide investors with identification letters on Cadre official letter head as Cadre is the sponsor of the employees.

21. Does investor have the right to issue a new visa to hire another employee if he was not satisfied with the current employee?

Investor does not have the right to replace employee’s visa. Yet he can apply for a new visa request and pay new visa fees.

22. How long does it take to renew work & residency permits?

Residency and work permits take a year to be renewed, and it cost the same as the first Issuance cost.

23. Who will register the employees in the Social insurance (GOSI)? And what is the procedure?

Cadre will do the registration in GOSI, other details will be explained after the agreement

24. Can employee bring His / Her family?

Yes employee will have the right to bring His/ Her family to KSA under his/her sponsorship; Cadre as sponsor will provide the employee with identification letter addressed to concerned department.

25. How to end the services (Final Exit) of an employee sponsored by Cadre?

Investor should provide Cadre with a written or electronic request and final clearance signed by the employee. Cadre will proceed once receiving these documents.

26. Is there any policy must be followed for annual salary increase and incentives provided by the investor? And should cadre be notified?

There is no policy regarding Annual Salary increase or incentives other than what stipulated on sub article (6-8) on Cadre Service Agreement. Yes, Cadre should be notified if there will be any changes on terms and conditions of the Employment contract.

27. Shall job titles at work visa match with actual employee position? What are the consequences if not?

Job title at work visa must be matched with actual employee position, and if not, investor will be subject to Cadre penalties.