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New Recruits

CAFF portal seconds employee in no more than 60 minutes and offers this service 24/7 by applying the system of paying and seconding the work force brought to the investors of the economic cities. The work visas issued for Cadre are unique because they are open to be used by a male or female for any job, hence enabling the investor to attract employees that suits their business needs.

Sponsorship Transfer

Cadre enables the investor in the economic city to obtain the service of all potential employees already in the Kingdom. This is done in accordance with the procedures of service transfer followed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 Post-Arrival Services

Cadre provides all governmental services that new employees might need following their arrival to the kingdom. These services include:

  • Iqama issuance with work license
  • Exit or re-entry single
  • Exit or re-entry Multiple
  • Final exit
  • Iqama renewal
  • Final settlement
  • Internal Escape
  • Exit no Reentry
  • Job Edit
  • Information Edit
  • Information Transfer
  • Iqama renewal + family
  • Iqama Replacement (lost)
  • Add /remove family members